Chicago Skyline

Located near Chicago, IL, Kimistry Media & Communications, LLC is dedicated to providing superior and progressive communications, public relations, media, and branding solutions for businesses, creative professionals, and not-for-profits looking to take their business to the next level through these channels. With more than a decade of experience working with world-class, industry-leading organizations, Kimistry Media & Communications continues to apply the same values and methods to help smaller companies compete and thrive in an advanced, technological world with an ever-changing landscape.

We have over a decade of extensive experience in the following areas: fortune 500 companies, business-to-business, financial services, transportation and logistics, education and educational institutions, not-for-profit organizations, and creative arts (musicians, bands, artists, authors). We believe that honest, two-way communication, mutual respect, good chemistry, open minds and hearts, and collaboration gives us a greater understanding our clients and their needs and provides the best opportunity for growth and success.

Our Mission:

We aim to exceed our client’s expectations by working closely with them to understand their needs while applying our knowledge and expertise to achieve the desired goals and results for the betterment of all. We believe good relationships and chemistry are at the core of what we do and that our client’s success is also our success.​

Our Core Values:


Contact us today to inquire about how we can help your business achieve greater success through quality communications, public relations, and media support, and by helping you interact and engage with your clients. 




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