Feel Good Album of the Year by Eric Lambert & Friends Available Now


The unofficial official ‘Feel Good Album of the Year’ is here! Eric Lambert & Friends new CD Maiden Voyage was released today, October 26, showcasing original feel-good music meant to inspire happiness and good times. It offers a refreshing approach to songwriting, which leaves you simply feeling good. Eric Lambert admits that was a goal of the project, and it’s clear he accomplished just that.

As Ernie Hill wrote in his review of the new album for No Depression, “There is only one Eric ‘Feel Good’ Lambert.” Some of that can be attributed to Eric’s unique views on writing music. As he told us a couple months back, “The focus of the new record is the feeling of it. There is more improvisation and freedom in the music. I like to provide the framework for a song, while leaving room for expression. I love to hear musicians play their instruments; to stretch out and really play.”

“What stands out to me on this endeavor is this flatpicker’s unselfish approach to arranging,” said Ernie Hill. “Every track is a showcase of each of the contributing musician’s ability to complement Eric’s songs without overkill. Pat Fiddle, a wild man of a genius on the fiddle comes close a few times, but reigns himself in. Eric told me he wanted each musician to be free in their approach to performing his music. This laid back approach creates a free, jam atmosphere in live settings,” Ernie wrote.

Eric Lambert’s music resonates the old school philosophy of the groundbreaking musicians who inspired him; music should know no boundaries. Traces of rock, folk, bluegrass, country, and blues can be detected throughout his music, delivered with energy, soul, and inspiration. “Maiden Voyage” takes listeners on a journey through different styles of music, with songs like “Sweet Irish Lass” and “Senorita” spicing it up. “I didn’t want the grooves to be the same throughout the record,” said Eric.

“The music is full of energy and realism,” he continued. “It’s not perfect, and I like it that way. I wanted it to be fun and inspire people to dance and feel joyful,” he concluded. The feel-good record is pure Americana, featuring eight new, original songs inspired by Eric’s life and unique views on musical expression.

Eric Lambert & Friends new record, “Maiden Voyage,” features Steve Haberichter on mandolin, Pat Fiddle on fiddle, Dan Rogers on bass, and Eric Lambert on guitar, dobro, and lead vocals. It was recorded at Thunderclap Recording Studio and produced by John Carpenter and Eric Lambert. Learn more at www.thunderclaprecording.com. The album artwork was hand-drawn by Jon Griffin; www.jiveafro.com.

Learn more about Eric Lambert at www.ericlambert.com.

Download, order, and preview Eric Lambert & Friends new CD Maiden Voyage now at http://cdbaby.com/cd/ericlambertandfriends. You are invited to provide your feedback about the new album at this link.

Read the full album review on No Depression at http://goo.gl/ZS3qU3.



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